St. Mary’s Church, Parel.

Another flourishing railway centre was at Parel. Hence there was a need to establish a church in that area, as the residents of Parel were mainly Anglicans who served in the railways. The residence of the Governor of Bombay. was also in Parel, before it was shifted to the Malabar Hill. The worshippers, that patronized St. Mary's Church came from a mixed group.

Consecrated in 1884, the church is hemmed in by a bustling market on one side, and a busy overbridge on the other. Till today St. Mary's Church retains its colonial grandeur and towers over the area as it used to over a hundred years ago when it was constructed.

The Church can accommodate about 200 people. It is simple yet impressive in the Gothic style of archiculture. It was handed over to the local congregations by Sir James Fergussion with the words "I hope my friends that when this holy house becomes an accomplished fact you will use it regularly"

The gigantic doors of the church are described with the following words "I was glad when they said unto me we will go into 'the house of the Lord. " However, inspite of. its splendors, the site of the church like St: Peter's is not suitably located. Being in a low lying area during the monsoon it gets flooded with the water entering the Church and the Chaplain's bunglow situated adjacent to the Church in the same compound. This causes much damage to the Church.

The congregation of St. Mary's has been changing through the years from a totally European gathering replete with hat and gloves to the less sophisticated employees of the B.B. and C.I. and G.I.P. railways who started worshiping in the church. Later others joined with the development of cosmopolitan Bombay.

The Portals of St. Mary's have a number of plaques, but unfortunately they are not clear. However there is one plaque of importance and that is of Oliver, Lady Fergusson who died on the 8th of January 1882, She was the wife of Lord Fergusson, the Governor of Bombay.


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