St. Andrew’s Church, Agripada, Mumbai.

St. Andrew's Church is situated at the north end of Koreland Road, Byculla. It was built with the intension of serving the needs of the Marathi and Gujrathi speaking congregation of Bombay. It is a modern building consecrated on 30th Nov. 1916. On the ground floor of the bidg. is a large hall which was designed as a school. The Church situated above is a simple but beautiful and dignified building in red bricks with a nave and side aisles.

At the top of the pillars, on each side are carved in Marathi on a favorite stone background some of the titles of Our Lord Christ. Thus the Anglican Church which had started mainly to serve the needs of the English in India was technically a prototype of the Church of England in its style of architecture and the mode of services conducted But this began to change in the 20th century as the, number of Indians attending the services in the churches began to increase. It was therefore felt necessary to change the complexion of the services that were conducted and make them more indigenous. The debate on this issue started in the early part of the 20th Century. 

It was started by J .C. Winshow, D. R. Athavale, J. E. G. Festings and E. C. Hatchliffe. Even the Bishop of Bombay at that time realized the validity of their plea and sought to make changes accordingly, that the Indians would feel at home during the worship.

The Anglican Church in Bombay has changed with the time and today the majority of the members of the congregations in the Churches constitutes Indian rather than Anglo-Indians or Europeans.

Rev. R. G. Rathod was the first Marathi Priest of this Church & served for 28 years. The other Priests who served here for long period were Rev. M. R. Pagar and Rev. B. G. Bhosle.


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