Holy Redeemer Church, Dadar.

In the years 1914 to 1918 after the First world war there was a great famine in Maharashtra. During this period many Christians left their villages and home town and arrived in Bombay in search of employment. In Byculla, Mazagaon  and Agripada there were Chuches established hence this community flocked there. In the year 1877 all Saints Sister had already established their work in this  residential localities. St. Peters School and Chapel was built by S.S.J.E'S Conley Fathers.

Sister Mildred Mary and Sister Suwarta of All Saints Sisters hired two rooms in Kant mansion and started work for Christian women.

Father O.C. Barton and Father Nicholson of S.S.J.E. started holding prayer meetings and Church service for the community. Father Nicholson then decided that or regular Church building should be constructed. By this time Holy Cross Church at Mazagaon and St Peters Church were already constructed by these S.S.J.E. Fathers.

Shri Madhavdas Gokuldas Pasta had a plot of land which was bought by Father Nicholson for Rs. 22446/- for the site of the propsed Church. The foundation for the Church was laid by Rt. Rev. Edwin  James Palmer on 14th April 1925. The ground floor was completed and Holy Redeemar Church was inaugurated on 25th October 1925. Father Nicholson served the Church for the period October to December 1925. 

Rev. Bhaskar Ganpat Sawant, Rev Y.G. Kale, Rev. Francis Ramchandre Shivkar and Canon Ambrose , Naroyah Surve served  the Church but the longest service were rendered by Rev-B.G. Bhonsle and Rev-S.P.Chikodi.

The membership of the Church increased at a very fast rate and the congregation decided to construct a Parish Hall in the year 1962 . After the country gained  independence, the foreign Missionaries working with S.S.J.E. left India and the Church property was legally transferred to B.D.T.A.  The Church has celebrated its Golden Jubilee

In the year 1975 and the congregation fondly remembers the selfless services rendered by Rev. B.G.Bhonsle and Rev. S.P.Chikodi to this Church.


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