Church of Holy Angels, Rasta Peth, Pune.

The father of the Society of St. Johns the Evangelist built the church of holy guardian angels know as church of holy angels.

On April 10th 1915, the foundation stone was laid by the superior father of The St. Johnís mission Banch howd.  The church was dedicated on 10th October, 1915.

While waiting we were able to notice the beauty of the sanctuary, with its green-painted walls. And the angel panels, and red hangings behind the alter.

The high alter is of teak and the black wood of the country.  Which closely resembles ebony, the holy name standing out in gold gift Marathi characters in the center.   The crucifix of is in part the gift if the girls hostels, and is very beautiful.  To the north stands what is now our lady alter, given by the friend by whom the church was built, and once used, together with its set if frontals, in a private chapel in England. It was beautifully vested in white.  The high alter stands out some little distance from the east wall of the church, and the space behind it is used as the sacristy.


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