Church of Holy Name, Guruwar Peth, Pune
 " This Church will Stand Till The Second Coming" this is what Sadhu Sunder Singh said about this Church when he visited it in 1917.

The foundation stone was laid in September 1883 by the Bishop of Bombay. The Building was so far completed by Christmas 1885, as to allow of the Christmas services being held in it. It is built of red bricks, relieved by bands of yellow and blue bricks, and through plain as regards the exterior, its size, as compared with the native house round about, gives it dignity. Its dedication is that of the Holy Name.

The inside is most impressive. It is built in the style of a basilica. In the chord of the apse stands the High Altar, a magnificent structure, containing a beautiful combination of delicately coloured marbles and alabaster. 

This permanent altar was not erected till some few years after the church was opened. It was dedicated in October 1888.

One of the munificent special. gift which the church has received is a lofty bell and clock tower, 130 feet high with a ring of eight fine bells, cast by Taylor and Sons, of Loughborough, and having on each bell the Holy Names of Jesus. The tower was begun in August 1893, took some years to build, and was at last finished and blessed in 1898. It stands about a dozen yards to the south of the Church. The fourth storey is the clock room. The tower can be seen from a long distance; and apart from its practical use, it bears witness to the power of a religion, which impelled strangers in England to erect so costly a building to the glory of God.

The first of many subsequent ordinations was held in Church of Holy Name in September 1886, and the first of many Retreats for Clergy was held in the Poona City Mission House in 1895.


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