Housing Complex

The BDTA Apartments

At Shankerseth Road, Pune-B To alleviate the acute housing problems of its beneficiary community viz., Ex-Anglican Christian community of Pune the Trust undertook a Housing project on its free hold parcel of land leasing final block No. 397, city survey No. 397, city survey No 31-A and 31-B admeasuring about 24804 mtrs at Shankersheth Road Pune. The application No J/4/91/85 and 95/85 dated 17th May 1985 was filed by the Trust Association before the Charity Commissioner,

 Bombay who granted sanction by an order No. J/4/91/85/8383 dated 9.4.1986 under section 36 of the Bombay Public Trust Act 1950. 82 flats in two buildings were thus constructed by M/s Poornima Promoters. Applications were invited from members of four ex - Anglican Churches of Pune - St. Mathew’s, Holy Angel, St. Mary’s (Kirkee) and Church of the Holy Name through Parish Priests of their respective churches. After thorough personal interviews and genuine need of low income group Christians, ownership flats were alloted and the housing project was inaugurated on 15th August, 1999. The flat owners have not yet formed a Co-operative housing Society and the affairs of the buildings are managed by a Managing Committee Consisting of Enoch Rathod, Enoch Tribhuvan, Steven Magar, Barnabas Sunny, Veronica Balid, Suhasini Farande & Nutan Kore. Major expenses on the maintenance of the building are borne by BDTA and so far they have incurred an expenditure of about Rs. Four Lakhs.


St. Lukes Housing Society Pune

The Trust known as Society of Saint John the Evangelist was operating in Guruwar Peth area of Pune, By a decree passed in Civil Suit. No. 3811 of 1965 in the City Civil Court, Bombay various properties held by this Trust were transferred to BDTA. Thus the properties at C.T.S No.1 at Guruwar Peth Pune now vest with BDTA who leased it out to its beneficiaries at a reasonable premium for St. Lukes Cooperative Housing Society. An amount of Rs. 3,00,000/- (Rs. Three Lakhs) was paid to the Trust on 14.5.1990. Contributions were collected by 100 persons at the rate of Rs. 3,000/- each. An area admeasuring 2000 sq.mtrs (47,000 sq.ft) F.S.I. was leased out to the Society for a period of 99 years. The Charity Commissioner, Mumbai by his order dated 3.3.1992 sanctioned the application No. J-4/166-91 filed by the BDTA to develop this property. Unfortunately due to internal conflict among the members of the Housing Society the whole project was unnecessarily delayed. The project initiated by BDTA is now complete and most of the members of the Society have taken charge of their flats.


Panvel Property

There was a plot of land admeasuring 13,618.90 sq. meters comprising 11 plots of land situated in the town of Panvel in Bombay. Poona road on which reservation was imposed by the Panvel Municipal Corporation for shopping complex, parking & hawkers area, the extension of lease was required in favour of the Trust Association from the Govt of Maharashtra and clearances/sanctions were to be obtained from competent authority & Urban Ceiling Act, 1976 before it could be developed with the permission of the Charity Commissioner Mumbai. There was also encroachment on the properly and a part of it was to be surrendered to the Municipal Corporation in world widening.


The developer M/s. Nikhil Enterprise of Panvel undertook the gigantiec of solving all the problems mentioned above and entered into an agreement with the Trust Association to develop the property. They agreed to hand over constructed area to the extent of 72480 sq. ft. free of cost to the Trust Association for a new Church building, Housing complex, High School building and a Medical Dispensary in lieu of land surrendered to them for their commercial development.


The Trust Association made an application No. 59 of 1993 under section 36 (I) of the Bombay Trust Act, 1950 before the Charity Commissioner , Mumbai who passed on order No.J-4/59 of 1993/8-96 dated 1-1-1996 granting sanction for the development of this property.

Housing Complex

M/s. Nikhil Enterprises, the Developer has already undertaken the construction of a housing complex adjacent to the Church.

The building is nearing completion and will provide accomodation to 54 families at a low cost.

The building which will provide space for running a medical centre is also under construction and is expected to be available in the near future.

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