All Saints Girls Hostel

All Saints girls hostel situated in Kherwara (Rajasthan) is meant for poor tribal girls, where there is object poverty and illiteracy. Christian and Hindu tribal girls are in the hostel. The hostel gives all sorts of facilities that is food, school uniform, stationary, medicine etc. The hostel girls attend the Church for Sunday worship. They also go to Sunday school. In the hostel there is daily morning and evening devotion, Bible study and prayer. Girls taken interest in religious activities.

In this way we are doing evangelistic work through our hostel. There are thousands of children without gospel. We believe that the people of to day donít think about poor children as human beings. But we instil respect and dignity of poor and bring them closer and treat as children of God.

Childcare is our mission Safe shelter, clothing, medical care, recreational and spiritual, social development are provided to all hostel girls.

Danish Kherwara Mission supports this hostel since 1953 through The Bombay Diocesan Trust Association Private Limited.

This property belongs to B.D.T.A. hence the Trust Association helps us to maintain hostel building and brovide other facilities. The Trust has spent about Rs 3 lakhs in providing water and toilet facilities.

Many girls passed their High school examinations and some of them gone for higher college studies. Many of them got good govt. jobs. At present 51 girls reside in the hostel.


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