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One of the objects of our Trust Association is to associate with other recognized Christian Institution involved in Charitable Philanthropic, educational, social and medical work. Indian Christian Association is such an organization, which was established in the year 1933. Its main object was to bring together all Christians irrespective of their Church denomination to organize cultural programmes, during festive seasons like Christmas and Easter. ICA was thus very active in Bombay till 1970 after which its activities almost came to a stand still.

After almost 3 decades some senior members of the community decided to revive ICA but due to lack of funds and financial support it was not possible to give it a fresh start. This was brought to the notice of some Board members of The BDTA and with their initiative and approval of the Board, a new life was given to ICA.Membership drive was undertaken and a new Executive Committee was elected with representatives from different churches. After the death of Rev. V. Makasare, the President of ICA, the reins of the Association to shoulder the responsibility and to lead the members fell on Rev. P.B. Amolik. Vacation Bible School, Christmas Tree for slum children, Drawing competition for Sunday School children etc organized. A seminar was held on whether Christians should declare themselves "Dalits" several meetings were held after Write with Congress leaders for representing the interests of the minority community. A programme was held where young boys and girls deciding to settle down in life were provided an opportunity to look for their life partner in person. Another laudable project to help the very poor Christian families is the "Manna project". 35 such families are provided Rs. 500/- worth of grains, oil, sugar etc every month on the 12th Day. ICA members gather and distribute the ration personally. These deserving under privileged families are required to be regular churchgoers. Those ICA members who gather at the residence of Rev. P.B. Amolik are Rev. Prakash Patole, Rev. Sharad Balid, Rev Victor Gollapalli, Rev Shekhar Jadhav, Mr. Pradip Shirsat, Mr. Anil Rawade, Mr. K.N. Balid, and Mrs. Noreen Amolik.


It is a well-known fact that the Priests serving in our Churches are not well paid. There are some CNI Dioceses like Marathawad and Kolhapur where Priests do not receive their salaries for months. Our Trust Association tries to provide them some financial assistance during Christmas and Easter season by making ex-gratia payments.

During the past few years we have extended such help to the extent of Rs.3,Lakhs. Scholarships in cash were offered to deserving students who performed well in their studies. We have spent about Rs. 15 Lakhs in the recent past. towards Scholarship. Medical help was provided to needy Christians in major sickness and operations to the extent of Rs. 3.5 Lakhs. Some Church buildings outside our The BDTA territory were provided funds to complete their building projects. So far we have provided Rs 3.5 Lakhs to the Churches.

In the field of propagation of the Gospel we took out an audiocassette of popular Marathi hymns sung by famous Marathi playback singers viz., Usha Mangeshkar, Ravindra Sathe, Anupama Deshpande and Uttara Kelkar. The hymns selected for this cassette called "Tujha Sharan Alo Mi Ata"(I come to your refuge now) are written by Rev. Waman R Tilak and K.R. Sangle. Over, 3,000 copies of these cassettes were sold at the cost price. We are grateful to all the singers, Mr. Enoch Daniels, Music arranger, Mr. Anil Acquila Project Co-ordinator and Mr. Amon George Daniels for the use of Don Bosco Studio.

We also financed the publication of a Marathi book titled " Dharma Khristacha Vichaar Sahitya Cha" with a commentary by Mr. Sunil Shyam Sunder Adhav.

 This book is a collection of famous speeches delivered by Presidents of Maharashtra Khristi Sahitya Sammelan during the years 1927 to 2001. It is a book, which contains the religious, social, economic and political traditions of the Marathi Community during that period. 

We are grateful to Mr. Sunil Adhav for conceiving this project and the book will be a proud possession of any library and those interested in Marathi Christian Literature.


In our project at Panvel, there is a provision for providing low cost medical services for which an area of 3,000 sq.ft. has been constructed and earmarked. Our Trust Association has not taken any definite decision regarding the nature of medical services we can afford, as we do not have sufficient funds for medical equipment and furniture etc. There are a number of private hospitals and Doctors in the new neighbourhood to compete. A proposal to start a medical centre for awareness and treatment of infectious diseases T.B. and HIV etc. is under serious consideration. The Trust Association would gratefully invite any Charitable/Philanthropic organization to provide financial assistance for starting this medical center. A short term auxiliary nursing course can also be started.

Dr. Sharmila Amolik, M.D (USA) is the Hon. Project Coordinator. Email:
Dr. Vasudha Muttagi, M.D (USA) is the Hon. Infectious Disease/HIV Advisor. Email:
Salil Kharat, M.S, Computer Science (USA) is the Information Technology Advisor for the project. Email:, Web: .

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