St. Stephen’s Church, Bandra.

In 1853 St. Stephen's Church was consecrated at Bandra. Built on top of the mount it faces the Arabean Sea making it place of quite serenity. Built on the Gothic stlye of Architecture it is a small picturesque church which can hardly house 100 to 150 people. It has a grave yard within the compound of the church.

 It is designed in the shape of a cross with a lofty roof and stained glass windows dedicated  to the memory of past worshippers are beautiful. It was founded by the wealthy English business magnates who made Bandra their home during the British Raj. This Church has served and continues to serve Anglican worshippers in the suburbs from Matunga to Andheri and it remains the only Church of the Anglican Communion in the Suburbs 

The Church of St. Stephens has a graveyard attached to it, host of those buried in this graveyard were mainly employees from the G.I,P. Railways.

Fredrick John Porter who died on the l2th of March 1875, and buried in the graveyard attached to St. Stephens was a storekeeper of the B.B. and C.I. Railway.

John Mervyn Wrench who died on the 22nd of February 1903 was a Chief Engineer with the G.I.P. Railway.

George Bliss Winter, was the Electrical and Singling Engineer with the South Indian Railway. He died on 8th August 1919.

Another important personality who did not serve the railway but buried at St. Stephens was Col. Thomas Stephens, who died in 1910. He was the Health Officer for the City of Bombay for 28 years, He served for six years from 1900 to 1906 as the Principal Medical Officer at Quetta.

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