Christ Church, Surat.

This Anglican Church is known as Christ Church, Surat. This Church is constructed as per the western design popular in the 19th century. It is a 180 years old historical and religious building.

The construction of this church building was started in the year 1820. The construction was started under the blessings of Mount Stuart Elphiston. The cost of the construction was Rs. 58,000/- at that time. The then District Magistrate of Surat Mr. John Morrison supervised the construction. There is a plate on the wall of the church with the inscription “It would not be omitted that he (Mr. John Morrison) took a prominent part in the promoting of the erection of this church.” Such an enthusiastic British officer died on 19th July 1821 at the young age 39 years.

 In the beginning there was also residence house of the Chaplain and a private school run by the then educationist Mr. Care but both the structures were washed away during the flood.


The then Bishop of Anglican Church Rev. Hillar visited India in the year 1823 and he also visited Surat on 13th April 1823 and at that time this Christ Church was consecrated as Anglican Church. And in the year 1927, this church was entrusted to the The BDTA. The The BDTA has allowed the local I.P. Mission congregation to use this church for worshipping and Sunday service and thereafter the C.N.I. Congregation is using the Church


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